The FLY WRAPS® Advantage The #1 Choice of Vets, Trainers & Tack Shops

FLY WRAPS® is the most effective, non-toxic, all-natural lower leg fly protection horse product available.

FLY WRAPS® is the original Mesh Leg Wrap, patented with a registered trademark, and designed to cover and protect from the knee area down to the top of the horse’s hoof, bringing comfort and easing the distress horses suffer from this one area on their bodies that nature could not offer relief from biting flies and insects. Acting as an insecticide-free breathable, barrier leg guard FLY WRAPS® gives twenty-four hour (24/7) protection and has become a welcome addition to the line-up of equine fly control & leg care products that horse owners seek to protect their horses from flies, mosquitoes and crawling insects.

This mesh leg boot acts as a ‘screen door’ fly repellent and literally stops the ‘stomping and stamping’ associated with horses attempts to rid pesky flies and insects from their legs. Like the fly mask and fly sheets FLY WRAPS® is summer, seasonal horse clothing and is consistently sought out by Olympic riders, farriers, tack shops, renowned horse trainers, and has won rave reviews on the internet pet and equine websites along with numerous articles written up in equine trade magazines - nationally and internationally.

FLY WRAPS® also doubles as a terrific Medical bandage and is used by many veterinarians. It is a breathable air-flow ‘stretch strap’ bandage that covers and creates an effective barrier against infection while keeping insects at bay and allowing air to continually reach and circulate thus healing wounds, cuts, surgical stitches and incisions up to ten (10x) times faster than normal cloth bandages.

FLY WRAPS® has also become an effective training tool now used by Farriers, grooms and horse trainers to painlessly, quickly and easily teach horses to stand still while being shoed or tacked up. It’s especially effective with horses that ‘dance’ and fidget in cross ties.

FLY WRAPS® is adjustable, fitting all horses 14-18 hands, is cool, safe and comfortable and this wrap-around multi-functional product is available in sets of four (4) in a designer package, with a choice of four barn colors, Green, Blue, Burgundy and White.
won the coveted award in Europe for “Best New Horse Product’ beating out all equine & equine pharmaceutical products presented. Strong, durable with stretch straps for ‘give and flexibility’, and reinforced ‘stay’s that keep this fly boot upright and prevent sagging, FLY WRAPS® naturally protects where flies gather most. Horse owners should never settle for 2nd best when only the original and best will do!


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